startGNV is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to growing the innovation ecosystem of Greater Gainesville.

Annual Partners


Startup Sprint

Part hackathon, part business pitch competition. Launch a new startup over the weekend! This immersive event offers working professionals, entrepreneurs, and students alike the opportunity to work on a startup idea over the course of a weekend, ending with a "Shark Tank" style pitch for prizes.

Josh Greenberg Day

Josh Greenberg was a startup pioneer who changed the landscape of Gainesville’s entrepreneurship scene forever. As a selfless visionary and leader, Josh elevated what it meant to create and give - And on April 17, our growing community gathers to celebrate his spirit and mission: to continue to move Gainesville’s needle and create a city and community where startups thrive. Onward & Upward!


Celebrate the successes of startGNV and the local innovation community over dinner and drinks. Recognize early stage startups that compete in Cox's pitch competition Startup Showcase.


BarCamp GNV is a one-day gathering where technology-loving Gainesville locals get together and share their experiences.